When should I start using a pregnancy body pillow?

 Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative journey, but it can also bring along various discomforts and challenges. One such challenge that many expectant mothers face is finding a comfortable position for sleep. This is where body pillows can play a crucial role. These specially designed pillows provide support and relief to pregnant women, allowing for better rest and improved comfort. However, the question arises: When should you start using a body pillow during pregnancy? Let’s explore the factors to consider and find the best answer for you.

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Factors to Consider before choosing pregnancy body pillow

When it comes to deciding the right time to start using a body pillow, there are a few factors to take into account. First and foremost, personal comfort and preferences play a significant role. Every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Additionally, individual needs and discomfort levels can vary greatly. Some women may experience early discomfort and require extra support, while others may find it necessary as their pregnancy progresses.

Recommended Timing

While the ideal timing for starting to use a body pillow may vary, many women begin using one during the second trimester, typically around weeks 14 to 16. This timing coincides with the period when the baby bump starts to grow noticeably, and expectant mothers may experience discomfort while sleeping. The increased weight and size of the belly can put strain on the back, hips, and pelvis, leading to sleep disruptions and body aches.

By using a body pillow during this time, pregnant women can find relief and support. These pillows are designed to provide strategic cushioning and alignment, helping to alleviate pressure points and distribute the weight more evenly.

Benefits of Using a Body Pillow

The advantages of using a body pillow during pregnancy are numerous. Firstly, it helps in alleviating discomfort and reducing pressure points. The pillow can be positioned to support the belly, back, hips, and knees, ensuring that the body remains in a more neutral and comfortable alignment. This can greatly relieve strain on the lower back and pelvis, common problem areas for pregnant women.

Furthermore, body pillows promote better sleep quality by reducing the need to constantly shift positions. The support they offer can help prevent tossing and turning during the night, allowing for a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Individual Considerations

While the general recommendation is to start using a body pillow in the second trimester, it’s important to remember that every pregnancy experience is unique. Some women may find it beneficial to use a body pillow earlier, especially if they are experiencing discomfort or if they require extra support due to pre-existing conditions. It’s always best to listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Is 6 weeks too early for a pregnancy pillow?

At 6 weeks, it is generally considered early in pregnancy to experience significant changes in your body or require the support of a pregnancy pillow. During the first trimester, the uterus is still relatively small, and most women do not have a noticeable baby bump. However, it’s important to remember that every pregnancy is unique, and individual circumstances can vary.

If you’re experiencing discomfort or difficulty sleeping at 6 weeks, it may be worth exploring other options before considering a pregnancy pillow. Simple adjustments to your sleeping position, such as placing a regular pillow between your knees or under your abdomen, may provide some relief. Additionally, practicing good sleep hygiene, such as maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding stimulating activities before bed, and creating a comfortable sleep environment, can also help improve sleep quality.

It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider regarding any concerns or discomfort you may be experiencing. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific situation and advise whether a pregnancy pillow or other forms of support may be beneficial for you at this stage.

While a pregnancy pillow may not be necessary or provide significant benefits at 6 weeks, it’s always best to discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider to ensure you are taking the appropriate measures to promote your comfort and well-being throughout your pregnancy.


Is 12 weeks too early for a pregnancy pillow?

While the second trimester is generally a common time for women to start using a pregnancy pillow, there is no hard and fast rule about when it is “too early” to use one. At 12 weeks, some women may already be experiencing discomfort or changes in their body that could benefit from the support provided by a pregnancy pillow.

If you’re feeling discomfort or struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position, there is no harm in trying a pregnancy pillow earlier. Each pregnancy is unique, and some women may require additional support earlier on due to factors such as body shape, pre-existing conditions, or carrying multiples. It’s important to listen to your body and prioritize your comfort.

Consulting with your healthcare provider is always a good idea, as they can offer personalized advice based on your specific needs and circumstances. They can help you determine if using a pregnancy pillow at 12 weeks would be beneficial for you and provide any necessary recommendations or modifications to ensure your comfort and safety.

Ultimately, the decision of when to start using a pregnancy pillow is up to you and what feels right for your body. Trust your instincts and make adjustments as needed throughout your pregnancy to ensure you are getting the support and rest you need.

Can I lay on my back with Pillows 7 months pregnant?

During the later stages of pregnancy, specifically around the seventh month and beyond, it is generally recommended to avoid sleeping on your back for extended periods of time. The reason for this is that lying flat on your back can potentially exert pressure on major blood vessels, including the vena cava, which can disrupt blood flow to both you and your baby.

When you lie on your back, the weight of the growing uterus and baby can compress these blood vessels, leading to decreased circulation and potentially causing dizziness, shortness of breath, or a drop in blood pressure. This position may also contribute to backaches, hemorrhoids, and digestive issues.

To ensure optimal blood flow and minimize discomfort, it’s usually advised to sleep on your side during pregnancy, preferably the left side. This position enhances blood circulation, reduces pressure on blood vessels, and supports proper nutrient and oxygen supply to the baby.

To make side-sleeping more comfortable, you can use pillows for support. Place a pillow between your knees to align your hips and relieve pressure on your lower back. You may also consider using a body pillow or pregnancy pillow to support your abdomen and back, providing extra comfort and helping you maintain a side-sleeping position throughout the night.

However, it’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, and some pregnant women may find brief periods of back sleeping tolerable without discomfort. If you find yourself unintentionally waking up on your back, try not to worry too much, as the body often naturally adjusts positions during sleep. Simply reposition yourself onto your side and make use of pillows for support.


If you’re unsure about when to start using a body pillow or have specific concerns, it’s wise to consult with your healthcare provider. They can offer personalized advice based on your individual circumstances, taking into account factors such as your overall health, pregnancy progression, and specific discomforts you may be experiencing.



Choosing to use a body pillow during pregnancy can greatly enhance comfort and sleep quality. While the recommended time to start using one is typically in the second trimester, the decision ultimately rests on your personal comfort and circumstances. By considering your own needs and seeking guidance from your healthcare provider, you can determine the best time to introduce a body pillow into your pregnancy routine. Remember, the goal is to prioritize your comfort and well-being during this beautiful journey of bringing new life into the world.


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